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For over several years, Harhu IT Solutions has crafted brilliant applications, ecosystem, platforms integrated with AI and ML for business across the marketplace. Our AI developers conceptualize and implement full-cycle and customized AI-driven software and systems by gathering business requirements.

Grasping our expertise in data science, cloud computing, integration, and backend development, we are capable of simplifying complex tasks.

Partnering with us, you can innovate your business, automate processes, and enrich customer insights within open source web data.

AI Development Services

Harhu IT Solutions has long observed business strategies driven by the next frontier Artificial Intelligence. With our in-house team of AI consultants, data scientists, analysts, and engineers, we are always geared up to solve business challenges with our following AI consultancy services.

Predictive analytics

By leveraging historical data, we help you predict future events and make better decisions. Our engineers can train models with ML/DL-based predictive algorithms so that you can improve your business performance.

Data annotation

Our data annotation services can easily preprocess data from text, image, video, and audio and provide useful information to ML models. As we do it, you can find accurate patterns from similar pattern sets.

Chatbot development

Conversational AI-chatbots are your personal digital assistant to engage with your target audiences. We use SDKs, JS, Node.js, Python and HTML5 to design and deploy multichannel customer service applications.

RPA development

Less repetitive tasks with reduced manual process, this is how we can help you with business process automation software development. Our AI engineers can offer you fast and efficient scalability.

Computer visioning

Our computer vision applications can scale across wide industry use cases. We craft bespoke AI-driven systems with convolution neural networks for tasks like multi-object detection, image segmentation, and logo detection and more.

Facial Recognition

Our DevOps engineers can blend skills of wide technologies like Swift, Java, and Node.js to build your facial recognition technology. We ease data extraction and derive insights into individual’s facial characteristics to boost your customer service.

Recommendation engines

Highly suitable for online businesses like entertainment, hospitality and many, our ML-based recommendation engines can parse historical data of customers and offer better suggestions for products and service. Build with us to improve CX and conversions.

NLP software development

With Natural Language Processing, we can do better interpretation of human expression through sentiment analysis, text classification, and speech fragmentation. Based upon Pytorch, and TensorFlow models, you can get actionable insights.

Business Intelligence implementation

Get end-to-end BI solutions from our expert AI consultants. Be it a new implementation or upgrades, our team can do schema design, application design and more to install your system on open-source BI platforms such as MongoDB or Hadoop.

Transform customer experiences with Artificial Intelligence benefits

  • Time optimization : It helps automate tasks and improves better time and resource optimization across public and private sectors while preventing customer churn.
  • Fraud Detection : Our AI designed services can millions of transaction data and differentiate between lawful and fake transactions.
  • Data security : We help you identify patterns in anomalies and prevent security breaches.
  • Marketing : You can launch targeted ads across social media channels and influence users to click your products.
  • Operational Efficiency : It is easier to answer queries, speed up reporting and data transfer for improved customer engagement. As a result, you can augment your business process.
  • Prevents Human Error : AI can simulate human intelligence to perform similar tasks. By leveraging our ML-driven tools you can reduce human error and improve efficiency.
  • Business Insights : You can mine big data with AI, parse it and get insights for future prospects. And we help you get a competitive edge with our AI-powered tools.
  • Enhanced Customer : experience Your AI tools are awake all round the day. It can assist your customers and offer personalized customer services.
Transform customer experiences with Artificial Intelligence benefits

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We work across every industry and our delivered AI solutions are engineered with better strategy and technology. Being a caring AI development company, we are envisioned to understand your complex business context and your expectation so that we can bring value to your business.
High standard AI expertise
We have an excellent team of experienced AI engineers and developers who can scope every project as a potential game changer and offer comprehensive support to your project needs. With us, you can expect smooth communication, flexibility and astounding tech expertise in ML and NLP technologies and make your product succeed.
Support and Maintenance
We are always proactive to let our customer know they need a back up to prevent bug attacks or data breaches. At Harhu IT Solutions, we are constantly working with the latest technologies and tools to give you maintenance and support to the utmost. Our specialists can customize task, prevent downtime and keep your AI applications active round the clock.

Achieve innovations, quality and efficiency with innovative AI developers

We are a cutting-edge imaginative AI development company, where our developers and engineers are serious about getting you immersive digital experience with our NLP and ML development services. With detailed knowledge in AI models such as Naive Bayes and other theories, we can understand complex algorithms and speed up your project deployment with the power of Python, C++ and Java. Hire our developers to create and implement robust AI software products.

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