Top-notch Blockchain solutions for your cutting-edge projects

Blockchain solutions designed by our engineers are devised to disrupt every industry. Our high-efficient services include but not limited to only bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and hyper ledger development solutions.

We are capable of building blockchain programs to ensure a high level of security as you store data including physical assets, ownership status, warranties, and transaction among others.

Blockchain being open-source, we can give a fair amount of transparency into its process removing choke points and bottlenecks. Your digital ledger is immutable as well so that you can avoid failure in a transaction. Similarly, decentralization is one of the most interesting benefits that does not allow overcharging authorization by anyone. Build your unique blockchain solutions with us. Our developers will help.

Blockchain Development Services

Our experts follow a forward-thinking approach to discover blockchain use cases across the industries and develop intelligent strategies to build your solutions. Find out our blockchain services at scale.

Blockchain app development

Together with different platforms such as R3 Corda, Ripple, and Hyperledger and libraries such as Simplicity, Solidity and not to mention JavaScript and C++, we offer complete security with our Blockchain app development.

Security token development

We are experts in creating a varied degree of tokens such as debt token, equity token, and reserve asset token by using Stellar and Neo frameworks. We follow compliance and help you raise funds safely and quickly.

Exchange development

All of our exchange development services are KYC/AML compliance to support Fiat and Altcoin currencies. Get our exchange app as it allows you to configure as per needs with cryptocurrency listings.

Smart contract and DApps development

Decentralized applications integrated with Smart contracts reduce middleman overheads during transactions in real-time. Built on distributed ledger technologies such as Ethereum and Hyperledger Quilt, we can automate the transaction process as per your requirements.

eWallet cryptocurrency development

We offer high-grade wallet development services so that they help you keep your crypto token safely. Partnering with blockchain services such as ShapeShift, simplex among others, we ensure multiple asset management from one place.

Hyperledger app development

At Harhu IT Solutions, we pay heed to customers’ needs and help them adopt and implement the blockchain technology. We can build tailored hyperledger services to reduce pain points and enable digital transformation.

Stable coin development

Stablecoins are prone to high volatility in valuation and implementation integration issues while integrating with banks and other organizations. Our Fiat-powered Stablecoins minimize risks and address other complexities as we offer end-to-end solutions.

Custom blockchain development

Our expert developers can help you harness the power of blockchain with customized solutions. Be it a name, Blocktime, Rewards or something else, we can offer you a great level of custom blockchain services.

Peer-to-peer platform development

We offer a secure, interoperable, and interactive trading ecosystem with P2P cryptocurrency platform development services. Our Escrow system built interface offers a secure trading experience to your end users.

Harhu IT Solutions helping you experience potential Blockchain technology benefits

  • Cost-effective : Transactions on distributed ledger diminish the role of third-parties or middlemen. Also, you can complete a trade without reviewing documentation relying on its immutable versions.
  • Fast transaction : We develop solutions that can induce a large amount of transactions efficiently. Built on an autarkic transaction model, we reduce time and money on intermediaries.
  • Advanced cryptography : Digital ledgers are immutable as they are sealed cryptographically during a transaction with a digital signature in place from both parties.
  • Flexible cloud deployment : Be it on-premise or on the cloud, our expert developers can deploy your solutions anywhere you want. It is highly scalable across AWS, Heroku and Google Cloud platforms.
  • Protocol-compliant : All of our solutions are deployed on the blockchain protocol ensuring timely updates and changes to the system without you needing to worry about it.
  • Enterprise-grade security : Our distributed ledger functionalities are built on secure node connections that follow enterprise-grade security practices and ensure great control over your transactions.
Harhu IT Solutions helping you experience potential Blockchain technology benefits

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Expert Blockchain coders
At Harhu Technology, we always believe in the best, and hence we always rely upon our experienced and talented developers. With advanced expertise in blockchain tools, our developers can easily identify opportunities and assess solutions for your diverse business needs.
Agile Development
From blockchain ideation to concept development, our developers carry every task efficiently by identifying the technology needs of HashGraph, Ethereum and Lighting networks. We then love to convert your ideas into developing scalable and reliable decentralized applications.
Robust Testing
We employ the best Agile and DevOps practice of testing to boost digital trust with our blockchain solutions. Our developers are conversant with multiple testing units including API testing, functional testing, and performance testing to ensure uninterrupted operation continuation across nodes in a shared ledger.

We are on the top of the path to achieving the best blockchain applications

Yes, we are always agile to learn new technologies through our comprehensive R&D practices. Our developers employ a systematic approach while developing your products and ensure you get a competitive edge, improve user experience, cost-optimization, and high performance. Extensive understanding of Solidity, Java, and different Blockchain technologies like Consensus Mechanism, we can easily adhere to your business needs. We are a leading Blockchain development company to smooth your transition to cryptography instantly.

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We are on the top of the path to achieving the best blockchain applications