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Harhu IT Solutions emerges as one of the fastest growing Flutter app development service providers focusing on building functional-rich, innovative and reliable solutions. Our flutter app developers leverage this open-source framework that comes with the benefits of framework, tools, and widgets enabling mobile apps development rapidly.

Compared to other hybrid frameworks, Flutter is reactive and robust. It implements animation optimized for 60 FPS for rich and interactive UI deployment to cross-platforms easily.

Benefit from our dedicated flutter app development services that get you all major functionalities for the cost-effective solutions meant to offer delightful user experiences.

Flutter Development Services

Hire our experienced flutter development services combining the better use cases of C++ and Java along with Flutter’s object orientation and syntax features. With the goodness of AOT and JIT compilation from DART, we don’t need to separate XML files helping us build rapid mobile apps for your business.

Flutter app development

Our Flutter developers are experienced to manipulate declarative UI using DART and build a business-critical mobile application for Android, iOS, and web.

Server-side APIs Integration

With simple HTTP requests, we can implement server-side API integration. We create rest_api.dart and Gradle dependencies to do API integration in Flutter.

Hybrid app development

Flutter’s amazing single code base is ideal for hybrid app development and run on the webView. Using CSS, JS, and HTML, our developers can build apps complementing your specific needs.

Flutter app consulting

We have experts in our flutter development team to offer valuable insights into your requirements of hybrid or flutter applications through the high quality of consultation services.

Flutter package development

We can build packages and API plugins to create modular codes. Applying Java or Kotlin for Android and Objective-C or Swift code for iOS, we can do platform-specific implementations.

UI development

By leveraging open-source fonts and Material components, our developers can focus on interactive UI development ranging from layouts, navigation, buttons, rows, columns and grids.

Widget implementation

To improve your app’s look, we can implement widgets using a modern framework that acts like React. Stateful and stateless widgets give us options to use widgets and add interactivity to your apps.

Custom Flutter app development

We use specific platforms’ APIs based on native programming language and offer customized solutions for your apps on the Flutter framework. From theme to the app icon, we can do customization.

Cross-platform app development

We can work on a simple and clean MVP for cross-platform app development easily scalable across mobile, desktop, and Linux. Our developers can also compile JavaScript to align apps with the web.

Significant Flutter app development benefits to embracing digital innovation

  • Dart benefits : Flutter is flexible with single language DART which is easy to learn with a familiar syntax for layout and backend development.
  • Quick and easy coding : Hot Reload feature enables fast, reliable and customizable development of mobile applications by changing codes and check them in real-time.
  • Single code base : The same code base for Android and iOS development reducing the development time and cost
  • Faster testing : Flutter allows only one testing for platforms, accelerating test scopes and foster rapid app deployment.
  • Material design and Cupertino : Apple’s Cupertino and Google’s Material design enable the rapid development of cross-platform native apps.
  • Native performance : Supports the view architecture inspired by React Native style and improves performance and functionalities
  • Flexible UI : Modules can be reused along with different sets of layout configurations to make widgets adaptable and build flexible UI.
Significant Flutter app development benefits to embracing digital innovation

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Innovative and custom approach
Our dedicated and talented Flutter developers always assure you of excellent mobile application development services. With decades of experience, we know how to present clients with specific innovative and custom solutions based on their own set of needs. We do thorough market research and help you build custom solutions.
Dedicated Flutter developers
Your cross-platform apps are functional to suit your business-specific needs. Our experienced flutter developers love to employ high-performing tools and well-written documentation of Dart, Open SSL, Android Studio, Sprite Widget, Visual studio code, and Inject IOC container. From fast prototypes to MVP, our solutions are cost-efficient.
Secured Flutter development
With flawless DART programming language, we add secure coding to your applications that ensure higher rate of accuracy. As we help you develop unique native app development results with your cross-platform, we also ensure your apps have enhanced functionality without you thinking of its performance and bug threats.

Looking to get our Flutter Developers onboard with you? You are in the right company.

Our highly efficient Flutter developers can accelerate the performance of your apps by targeting JavaScript and running backend codes. We comprise UI/UX designers, full-stack developers, and engineers who can offer highly customized solutions for your business needs. Use the reactive programming asynchronous feature and improve the responsiveness of your mobile apps with us.

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Looking to get our Flutter Developers onboard with you? You are in the right company.