Efficiency, speed and cost savings are the most essential phenomenon for stakeholders in the food & restaurant industry.With bountiful of technology tools coming up;operators must get hold of these advancements to cater to the needs and demands of the customers the best manner. Your ability to benefit customers with quicker services and offerings ensures increased revenue generation, which is phenomenal for a long-run success.

Harhu IT Solutions has extensive industry knowledge to serve all that you need to take your business to the next level. Irrespective of the business model type, our developers can build customized food & restaurant solutions to help you feed thousands of diners with the finest gourmet they want.

Our innovative solutions are not constraint only to restaurant app development necessary to mobilize food order and delivery bringing restaurant operators and millions of operators on the same platform.Having developed key insights into the latest tools and technologies, and trends,our capabilities are unmatched that solve critical challenges in the industry.

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Transform your food biz with Harhu IT Solutions

Transform your food biz with Harhu IT Solutions

To streamline each line of delicate production in your restaurant and food business, we have innovated dozens of solutions from online food ordering to table booking, and more. All our solutions are mobile-friendly. The Food ordering portal is a reliable business-driven application as we build it defining your business objectives.

Restaurant management system, restaurant search portal, food order app, delivery app and pick up app, multi-platform support are all bundled within our service and solutions. We also provide services to boost customer engagement and drive business efficiency through loyalty program management push notifications, and location search.

To ease the work for restaurant operators, we build food ordering kiosks, digital table reservation management tool, online inventory management, and also supply chain management. Our solutions are customized for every aspiring restaurant startup to keep them ahead of the competition.

Benefits that move forward restaurant industry

Increased efficiency and speed

Enhanced visibility across diverse operations

Better customer experience

More sustainability

Our restaurant and food management capabilities

  • Safety and compliance management
  • Warehouse and inventory management
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Cloud ERP solution
  • Tableside ordering solutions
  • Website portal development
  • Aggregators’ food app development
  • Logistics app development
  • Restaurant order management
  • Automated purchasing tool
  • Scheduling software

Our restaurant and food management capabilities

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