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Our R&D capabilities that enable rapid ML model deployment with supervised and unsupervised training help improve analytic results, identify errors on new data points and produce high levels of accuracy. As we deliver AI-driven solutions, we empower our clients and help them tap into real potential into invisible market insights only to become more efficient and gain measurable business results.

Recommendation engines are likely to save millions if not billions when you put it into your eCommerce services. It also reduces click-to-ship by many folds. Machine learning is a necessity today.

With Harhu IT Solutions, you can augment human creativity and reach your business goals with our tailor-made Machine Learning solutions.

Machine Learning Development Services

Our machine learning consulting services are predominant by their nature as they are designed by real data scientists that deliver unreal results to real-world problems. Comprised of software engineers and statistics practitioners, we always get you clear and tested code.

Multimodal Biometric Verification

Our multimodal Biometric Verification model is designed with facial recognition, iris scanning, fingerprint identification, and voice verification to improve security. Based on DNN, TensorFlow, and OpenCV, our system is ideal to enhance the user experience.

Predictive Maintenance

We ensure resource optimization and prevention of failure due to poor maintenance. We implement a classification and regression approach to model predictive maintenance and provide you with dynamics to predict failure and improve maintenance operations.

Business Process Automation Services

Mundane or repetitive tasks can exhaust your workforce and prevent them from doing what is more important. With us, you can design automation models with ML and ensure greater efficiencies in your business process.

Model Design Validation And Training

Any Machine Learning project must adhere to accuracy. Our team of expert data scientists and engineers can validate your models so as to avoid any further rejection. As we employ best-in-class AI tools and models, we can determine better designs and training for your project.

Clustering And Network Analysis

K-Means algorithms and Network clustering open up huge opportunities for varied uses cases across businesses. We use data analysis to derive insights into your data and discover underlying patterns. Use it and do automatic clustering of IT alerts, cyber-profiling and more.

Custom Made Machine Learning Models

With Harhu IT Solutions, we give you the flexibility to develop applications in any ML specialization ranging from a statistical model, regression, classification, clustering to the recommendation system. We offer tailor-made solutions as per your unique needs.

Data Quality Audit

As you are geared up for Machine Learning model development, it is key to making sure you have the right data strategy. Our data scientists help unlock opportunities with big data quality audits. We identify problems, assess feasibility, and suggest recommendations.

Audio recognition

This Machine learning process is highly used for building the speech-to-text model. Using Python capabilities in combination with deep learning and natural learning process, we help you build the right model that complements your business requirements and achieve high-performance.

Time Series Analysis

We implement time series analysis so that you can detect the anomaly and predict the future breakdown of operations. The idea behind this analysis is to ensure operation continuation by determining mechanical failure with decision-tree and engineering techniques.

Machine Learning Benefits That Shape the World without Human Interventions

  • Sales Growth : ML can offer recommendations, offer instant feedback for customer service and influence purchase decisions.
  • Improved productivity and effectiveness : We deploy ML models that help you reduce work errors and improve efficiency and productivity in business operations.
  • Customer behavior prediction : We do deeper data analysis to help you discover customer habits and insights into purchasing dynamics. This helps you with customer demand prediction.
  • Improved CX : Using ML algorithms, you can analyze customer grievance data efficiently, resolve issues faster and improve customer satisfaction.
  • Cost-effective : ML can save you time, resources, reduce human error and as a result, you can optimize your resources properly.
  • Smarter Workplaces : Our technologies such as automatic speech recognition embedded in your workspaces help automate your operations. You can schedule meetings and more with accuracy and efficiency.
  • Insightful Business Intelligence : We can make and test rapid hypotheses to discover competition in the market and help smart decision making.
Machine Learning Benefits That Shape the World without Human Interventions

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Product Development
When you have an idea, we pay heed to your vision and design an appropriate prototype that rightly fits your requirements. We unleash our full-stack capabilities to focus on your user’s needs, validate hypotheses rapidly and reduce risks of a final product to market.
Smart Dedicated Team
Our expert and dedicated data engineers are flexible enough to align with you at a deeper level to give you seamless experience through the ML modeling, training, and deployment. We love to take responsibility and wrap your project with scalability, efficiency and productivity in mind.
ML Research and Consulting
We are always determined to stay ahead of the learning curve when it comes to knowing the advanced technologies stacks and tools related to ML. With decades of internal research and expertise, our team of ML engineers and data scientists can offer value to our clients.

Transforming Data into Intelligence with Us At Harhu IT Solutions

Our ML and AI dexterity is something that is commendable across our clients. With a massive system and process knowledge, we are very agile with tools like PyTorch, TensorFlow, Scikit-Learn, OpenCV and CNTK among others helping us accomplishing tasks like incorporating ML solutions with third-party cloud services, data processing pipeline, and visualization. Hire our ML consulting experts to increase your business agility today.

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Transforming Data into Intelligence with Us At Harhu IT Solutions