Why Marketplace Integration?

Selling through a closely-held digital store is not at par with coverage standards. Maximizing your store for enhanced visibility, our certified Developers gracefully implement marketplace integration that transforms your store into a multi-vendor eCommerce business. We let you sell to millions of customers globally by using the best practices and high performance.

Marketplace eCommerce Integration Services

Open-sourced Marketplace integration is flexible to customizations and improvements, thus we let any business type transform their web stores with third-party integrations. Get all the best integration services from us.

Custom integrated solutions

Marketplace system needs a higher level of attention on its diverse operations such as pricing, tax, stock status and many for efficient management. Our custom solutions give you real-time store management capabilities.

Accounting Software Integration

We get you out of accounting woes when unsatisfied with existing accounting tools. With Marketplace extensions, we combine with your store the robust features of SAP.

Marketplace seller price comparison

We have an open-source marketplace price comparison plug-in that works better in detecting price of the same products. This is useful in reassigning products with a new price and avoiding duplicate products.

Multi theme support

We use Marketplace themes that are highly responsive to different UI layouts. Admin also can change it as needs arise or upgrading is likely with professional looking templates.

Marketplace Vendor Attributes Manager

We always keep you informed with all necessary updates about sellers that include contact number, email ID and more. Admin and customers can get information from the seller profile page.

Inventory management

Get better inventory management benefits with a marketplace development provider like us. You can organize your SKUs, streamline order process and logistics and also identify demands.

CRM Integrations

We maximize the power of any preferred CRM tools for your marketplace. Fulfill customer needs, manage leads with key products with our advanced CRM integration skills.

Shipping Integrations

With extensive Marketplace integration experience, our developers at Harhu IT Solutions ensures successful shipping integrations for tools like FedEx, DHL and also third- party logistics. We help you transit to global customers.

Reviews management

Reviews deliver the most consistent consumer feedback and enable conversion-driven decisions for customers. Improve shopping experience through Google reviews or more with review integration tools.

Benefits of Marketplace Integrations

  • Mobile friendly unified commerce experience : Marketplace supports B2B and B2C business models available anywhere any time.
  • Multi-language and multi-currency support : Only open-source platform to support many international currencies and languages.
  • Custom integrations : Connect managers improve shop visibility with customizations that support multiple payment solutions, Google Tag Manager, and more.
  • Theme compatibility : Themes are flexible to adjust to any marketplace solutions.
  • All Product type support : Admin can use CSV file types to upload bundles of products.
  • High Performance : Block caching improves speed of the site making it easily searchable on search engines.
  • Cost-efficient : Development methods happen fast. It reduces overall costs of the marketplace development.
  • Advanced features : Auto approval, order management, product management, and loyalty programs- these are key for marketplace growth.
Benefits of Marketplace Integrations

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We are industry leaders with more than 9 years of marketplace expertise. With a roadmap highlighting target audience in future retailers and shoppers, we deliver a better prototype with features you expect.
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All our developers are abreast of marketplace technology innovations of Apache, NGinx, PHP, cache storage and advanced search functionalities. We thus implement any solution from shipping, payment solutions to email marketing and more at ease.
Product testing
We use advanced software testing tools and techniques – enable PHP display errors, display errors and also take care of Xdebug and PhpStorm combination to ensure all-time system resiliency and scalability.

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Our certified Developers are industry experts making sure all codes and extensions are best in line with standard practices. We give performance and scalability to your marketplace and also enable a number of features like marketing & automation, CRM integrations, POS management and quick support. Your online business is bound to thrive when you use our marketplace extension services.

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