The sleek Frontend & Backend Framework for modern applications

The MERN stack combined with multiple technologies including framework, libraries, and databases eases the development of any web application.

Combining with frontend technology ReactJS and backend technologies MongoDB, ExpressJS, and NodeJS, we can leverage amazing tools and libraries and use them to build end-to-end applications for your business requirements. Our MERN stack developers can craft more magic for your business with MERN stack bundles.

MERN Development Services

Avail exciting gains from intensive and integrated MERN technology stack bundles with us at Harhu IT Solutions. Hire MERN development services from us for your dynamic mobile and web solution needs.

Enterprise application development

Using JS-based MERN stack, our expert developers can build full-stack enterprise solutions faster with ease. Boost your market growth with our tailor-made enterprise application development services.

Web application development

Our MERN stack development experience helps us build fast, secure and elegant web apps for every type of business verticals. Get in touch with us if you want scalable MERN stack development services.

MERN Stack eCommerce application development

Being a top-ranked MERN stack development company, we can amaze you with our customized eCommerce solutions. With Node.JS supporting microservices, we can integrate APIs and build high-performing web stores.

Interactive UI development

MERN gives us a whole lot of tools and technologies to create interactive UI for you. Using ReactJS, ES6 & JSX, we can help you with an intuitive user interface that complements your business needs.

CMS development

Build a highly efficient content management system to manage all your digital content and maintain visibility of contents to the visitors. As we use MERN stack, your CMS behaves like WordPress.

ERP development

MERN stack’s NodeJS and MongoDB are the best resources to combine the goodness of JSON and JS while benefiting from clustering, sharding and schema. The process helps you build a perfect ERP solution and other enterprise applications

Web services and API development

When you use MERN, deploying your apps is easy with any kind of web services. At the same time, we have skills to code RESTful web services with MERN and let you configure APIs to integrate with mobile, desktop and cloud apps.

Custom application development

Hire MERN stack developers from Harhu IT Solutions for custom solutions. When we need to develop interactive customized applications, we work on React CRUD application with MERN and give you great solutions.

MERN stack SPA and real-time app development

Want to boost your customer engagement in real-time? Our MERN stack developers offer high-performing real-time app development services for your fast-moving business. Using React, we load a single HTML page and help you with dynamic SPA development.

Unique Benefits for diverse industry verticals and niches

  • Open Source : No licensing fees. You can use its technology stack and libraries for dynamic apps for any business verticals.
  • Cost Effective : Easy-to-use nature and coding efficiency improve the learning curve while reducing development costs and time.
  • Isomorphic : With MERN, we can use JS everywhere for server and client side rendering, maintaining markup templates and reducing web development cost.
  • NMP Ecosystem : It’s a free dependency manager for JS projects and helps create components in a JSON file.
  • Flexible : MERN offers an agile development process for SPA and web applications as per the classical Rich Internet Application principal.
  • No SQL : MongoDB’s NoSQL database offers unmatched performance across the cloud with agile sprints and iteration and hastens app deployment.
  • MVC Architecture : Supported by the MVC ecosystem, MERN allows for the smooth and seamless development process.
  • Improved security : We improve your application's security by using MongoDB and Node.JS's security tools. No more data breaches happen.
Unique Benefits for diverse industry verticals and niches

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Our MERN developers are dedicated and skilled. Just explain your website and application specifications; we can understand better your unique needs with readiness. We are agile to make selection and deployment fast, so you can focus on what is important.

Inspired by thought leadership our expert MERN developers drive innovation

Our developers are efficient as they have curved a great niche in MERN stack development. With knowledge in every nitty-gritty of ES6 and JavaScript fundamentals, database and cache, we can craft anything with Frontend to backend development, do API integration with REST and SOAP and even unit test for you. Our MERN development services are amazing. Do hire us.

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Inspired by thought leadership our expert MERN developers drive innovation