Flexible Odoo Development Solution

Being a specialized Odoo/OpenERP development service provider, we watch closely on complete hosting, installation, implementation, migration and configuration for the Odoo framework. Our developers use python scripting for Odoo python framework development and foster the revolution of efficient CRM software and enterprise resource planning.

Our extensive competencies enable us to use simple syntax and build dynamic and attractive websites of any business type. If you are looking to have multifunctional software application solutions, Harhu IT Solutions can help you leverage end-to-end implementation services. Hire our specialized Odoo ERP developers.

Amazing OpenERP/Odoo services

Being a renowned Odoo service provider, we assure you of the high standard of ERP and CRM development strategy. Get the enterprise solution excellence with our expert Odoo consultants that bring business efficiency.

CRM management

We enable fast and sustainable implementation of your Odoo CRM solutions. Our high-demand developers can design custom dashboards, deliver you actionable insights into your progress and help you make better decisions.

Odoo web development

Odoo websites require module development in block systems. Our developers can implement WYSIWYG editor and QWeb templating system to add features and build functional websites and eLearning platforms.

Odoo POS configuration

Configure the POS interface and fulfill the invoice requests for customers. Our experienced Odoo consulting services involve the development of payment methods, checkout, and many customized solutions with HTML5/JS extension modules.

Odoo App Development

Connect with a wide user base with customized app development services. We hold in-depth technical expertise to use Odoo studio, XML editor and API to build applications for cross-platforms.

Custom Odoo development

Using its flexible MVC architecture, we can offer agile customization services with Odoo. Be it is your financial management, marketing and sales, our efficient developers can do everything for you.

Inventory Management

We have a broad range of skills of installing your Inventory management in Odoo framework. Use double-entry inventory, cutting-edge automation, drop-shipping, and cross-docking that maximize the efficiency of your warehouse.

Module development

Develop your module to add more functionality to your Odoo/OpenERP infrastructure. We use the external Python libraries and Odoo.sh editor to develop and deploy a module for you.

Odoo SAP integration

OpenERP being open-sourced, Enterprise data integration is easy with any version of SAP. Our developers execute custom development of ETL tools and even SOA/ESB to deliver the desired results.

eCommerce development

With Odoo, you can leverage an all-in-one eCommerce solution for your store. Integrated with loads of apps and key features like cross-selling and upselling, showcase your items in stock and increase your cart revenue.

Harhu IT Solutions delivering Incredible Odoo customization service benefits

  • Low cost : Based on PostgresQL database, ORM engine and web browser, OpenERP follows MVC modules and thus reducing deployment and development costs for companies.
  • Extendable architecture : Our developers need fewer codes and efforts to customize Odoo because of its significant extension capabilities.
  • Budget-friendly : Being a responsible Odoo development company, we also deploy your customized ERP solutions in the most cost-efficient way.
  • Open-source : A large community base ensures quick updates and customization with free codes for your OpenERP or Odoo framework and saves you business costs.
  • Responsive : Our experienced Odoo developers can embed HTML5 and Bootstrap to design responsive and modern themes for any solutions you want and fit them across any devices.
  • Flexibility : We help you build the most efficient one ranging from CRM, Websites, Human resource, POS, Sales and more.
  • Easy integration : We are experts in integrating your enterprise solution data with your Odoo based framework. We also do the integration with modules like payments, barcodes, and MRP.
  • Highly secured : We use SFTP and scriptable data to customize your security solutions. Your data is secure as you grow your business.
Harhu IT Solutions delivering Incredible Odoo customization service benefits

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Experienced Odoo Team
We are the industry best Odoo consultants. Our expert developers always follow the right method to incorporate your business requirements into product development and deployment. Our dedicated integration and implementation services offer you cost-effective and modular solutions that automate your business processes.
Customized solutions
Our customized solutions can blend perfectly with any industry-specific business operations. With our extensive product knowledge, we can offer you myriads of customization services for CRM, invoice, POS receipt, report and dashboard among others.
Robust Maintenance and support
We use smart technologies to test your server and hard disc health round the clock. As we monitor closely, we ensure your Odoo ERP is running smoothly and keep each of the operations active without a glitch.

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Hire our specialized Odoo consultants to get a dozen of operations done instantly and cost-effectively. We are learned python programmers that can do magic with every type of ERP and manufacturing concept. We can build apps, CRM solutions, do integrations and more to offer seamless user experience to your customers. Our service is of top quality and it scales across all operations.

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